Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How to get all stuff LU

1) First, befriend Numb Chuck, Friendly Felix, and Capt Jack Knife.

2) Then, send Friendly Felix a "Help, can you please give me a hint" message. send the tuning rod you receive to Prof Brickkeeper.

3) After that, go to the Creation Lab and upload a model having to do with MLN. While you are waiting, find someone with the new Friendly Felix's Concert arcade module and try to win the LU skin, the video, and some stuff which will help later.

4) After your module has been approved, go to the MLN challenge page, and click "go to download". Then click harvest. This will give you the blueprint for the retuned tuning fork. Next, go to Capt Jack Knife's page and get the blueprint for the sea monster bait, and Numb Chuck's page to get the Kata Sparbot blueprint.

5) Build 4 of each the Kata Sparbot (5 pellets and 5 cannon scrap) and the Sea Monster bait (5 pellets and 5 Koi Sushi). You can get cannon scrap and Koi Sushi at Capt Jack Knife and Numb Chuck's pages respectively.  They each cost 10 plastic pellets. You can also get them by winning on other people's Friendly Felix's concert arcade module, which is a good idea if you are low on pellets, but high on tokens. As of 2/26, I have a module that is kind of hard at the beginning, but on has 4 arrows, so you can leave the rest of the time. Ekingsley has an even easier one on his page, and I believe mwarvik3838 has a pretty easy one as well.

6) Trade for the Heliotrophic Harpoon Handle on Capt Jack Knife's page, and the Endless Ohm on Numb Chuck's page. Build the Retuned Tuning Fork.

7) Go to Friendly Felix's page and trade for the concert module. You are done!! Feel free to go to any of the networkers' pages and trade for stickers and loops. And be sure to go to other user's page and play their Friendly Felix Concert module.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How to get the Star Justice Badge

By Sim533:


1)You've have to be fast

2)You received a mln-mail with the star justice deputy badge. Collect the badge

3)Befriend Capt Reynolds

4)Return to capt Reynold's page and buy the space fuel plant gallery module blueprint for 15 red bricks

5)Make a creation with ldd or with lego bricks and upload it to the factory 
5.1) With LDD: You see a button in the top right and now follow the instructions
5.2) Not with LDD Go here: find the link to the upload page

6)Build the module for 15 red brick and go to your page builder

7)Set it up to your page (2 boxes) and push the button edit. Choose your creation and click on it. Push the button save on your gallery module and also on your page builder. Now look at your public page. If you see the module go step 8
If you see no module reread the step 7

8)If you get 3 space fuels, trade it for Space Probe Mission Module Blueprint. Cost: 10 Space Fuel Cells and 10 Red Lego Bricks to make it.

9)Send a space fuel cell to Capt. Reynolds

10) Collect the attachement and now you can make the space prob. It costs 3 Space Cells and 5 Red Bricks to make. 

11)Get the bob skull cordinates and search his name. 

12)Befriend bob skull

13) Two options:
a): help Capt Reynolds (good side)
b): help Bob Skull (bad side)

14)a)Get 100 Space Fuell cells and buy the Stolen Data Crystal 
Mail it to Capt reynolds and build the attachment
b)Get 20 lost probes and make the badge 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to get the Bionicle "skin"

A skin is a certain design for your My LEGO Network Public View.

First, get so far in the Bionicle campaign (see post below) that you can befriend Atakus.

To get the Bionicle skin, go to Atakus 's page and trade with him for it for 10 thornax.

Then, go to your inventory and scroll down in your blueprints all the way to the bottom. There is a new section below "modules" called "skins" build 1 (1 red brick). Then, go to your public view, and in the top left of the "page preview", click "edit background." The bottom section will be "skins". Click "bionicle" and then click save. Click save again on the top of the screen, and then go to your public view to see your new design!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to get the Bionicle stuff

First off, go to and click in the bottom right corner of the picture of Raanu, and of Berix. They will both give you things. The thing that Berix will give you, a red pearl or a spear fragment, is refreshed 4 times a day, so come back often. You will need to come back as much as you can in order to get everything you need.

Then, go to MY  LEGO  NETWORK and collect what they both sent you. Go to Raanu's page and be friends with him. Then, go to Malum's page and be friends with him. Go back to Raanu's page and get the Thornax module blueprint. Go to your inventory and build as many of those as you like (they take up 1 slot). Put them on your page, and wait until you have gotten 1. Then, send it to Malum. He will give you the Thornax Stew blueprint, which costs 5 thornax, and 1 rock salt. Get 10 more thornax and trade with Malum for the rock salt on his page. Build the thornax stew and go to Zesk's page. Befriend it and send it a Thornax stew, then, befriend  the Vorox. Make 5 Thornax stews, and trade with the Vorox for a Stinger Oath. Send it to Raanu, and you will get the rank 1 badge. Build it (1 Thornax).

Go to Tarduk's page. Befriend him. 

Trade for the Jungle Sticker module (10 thornax). Build it (2 rock salts from Malum's page). Then put it on your page.*

Next, go around on other people's pages looking for the sticker module. Once you've found one, click on it until you win an ancient scroll. Once you have the scroll, mail it to Tarduk. Then, befriend GRESH. Send him a Thornax. Then, go to GRESH's page and get the Glatorian contract blueprint and GRESH's seal (1 thornax each). Then go to Berix's page and get the bade blueprint. Build the badge.

Befriend Metus. 

Go get the Desert Location module blueprint from Metus's page, and build it.*

Find someone else's Desert location module, and click on it until you get the Desert Location. Send it to Metus. He will give you something which will allow you to befriend Strakk. Once you have befriended Strakk, trade with him for the rank 4 badge (5 thornax) and build it.

Then, befriend Atakus. Get Atakus's mark from him on his page (50 thornax). Befriend Skrall and get his seal (25 thornax). By now, hopefully, you will have gotten all three pieces of the spear. Get the blueprint on Berix's page (1 thornax) and build it. Send it Tarix. Tarix will give you the seal. Make the Glatorian Contract. Send it to Raanu. Raanu will give you the 5th badge blueprint. Congratulations!!! You now have the 5th Agori Honor badge! You have finished the mini-rank, and save the Bionicle world.

*Nothing in this paragraph is necessary, but helpful to your friends, and could be a good way of getting thornax.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

How to get the Concert Arcade game modules

To get the first one, you can either buy it for 20 loose sparks on El Ectric's page, or play the Concert Arcade I game and hope you win. I would do the 20 loose sparks, however, because your odds of winning are very small. How do you get 20 loose sparks? Well, if you play the second concert arcade game, you have an ok chance of winning them.

To get the second one, simply play the Concert Arcade Game II module until you win it.

they each cost 20 red bricks to make.

How to get the Coast Guard badges

Go to the Coast Guard game and play it. Every time you get a new rank on the game, Old Capt Joe sends you a badge to build. Each new badge uses up your old badge and thus takes it away.

How to get the S.P.A badges

Go to LEGO Play and click, "upgrade your page" and then cross your fingers.

How to get the Older Timers badge

No one can any more, I think. Though you might be able to if you haven't upgraded your page. Even then, nobody knows what qualifies you to get it.

How To get the LEGO Universe badge

First, upload a creation to the LEGO Universe Creation Lab. Once it has been approved, go to Prof Brickkeeper's page and get the Creation module. Build it, and put as many as you want (three spaces each) on your page. Be sure you select a creation. It takes 50 plastic pellets to get the blueprint for the badge, and even more to get the badge itself. They grow at a rate 0f 5 a day.

LEGO Club Magazine Badge

Sign up for the free (unless you live in New Zealand) Lego Clube Magazine badge here. Then, when you get your first magazine, look inside for Max, who will give you a code. Then, go here and enter it into the search box in the upper right corner. Max will send you the blueprint. It only costs 5 red bricks to build.

How to Get the House of Mantles badge

Become rank 8. After that, get 5 Mantles victory banner by battling someone on their battle module, or by building your own and getting someone to battle you. Then, go to Princess Cynthia's page and trade for the blueprint. It costs one more victory banner to make.

How to get the House of Gauntlets badge

Become rank 8. After that, get 5 gauntlets victory banner by battling someone on their battle module, or by building your own and getting someone to battle you. Then, go to Prince Pelle's page and trade for the blueprint. It costs one more victory banner to make.

How To get the Beta Tester badge

Sorry, if you don't have it now, you can't get it. It is only for those lucky enough to be beta testers in December, 2007. There is a chance that there will be beta test periods for other games, which will reward you with a special beta tester badge.